Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Development environment and the ASUS support.

I spend "some" money on my PC to get a reasonable speed for my work. I didn't had the time to build my last PC so I ordered it over the Internet. Overclocked 4,5 GHz water cooling Raid 5 disk array for storage and Raid 0 for the boot drive... 32 GB RAM.

Top on the list at this time.

I upgraded my system with a new RAID controller and 4 SSDs in Raid 10. Wow this was an improvement boost. With this upgrade, I've started to work only in a VM. This was the best decision I've ever made. A little later I got the first 1080TI, which was available here in Germany.

I saw some videos about M.2 SSDs and one from Linus tech tips that trigger me. The ASUS Hyper  Card 16x. With four M.2 that has to buy my next upgrade. ~ 10.000 MB/s

I ordered this card, 4x 2TB M.2 and... Total disappointment. Only one M.2 showed up, the other three aren't working. I called the ASUS hotline and they told me: You must have a Z390 Board to get all 4 chips running. 

Since my Rampage IV Extreme-Board and CPU was running fine - I didn't want to buy anything new again, but over time, I finally ordered all upgrade parts.

- ROG Maximus XI Extreme
- i9 - 9900K - 5.0 GHz on all cores.
- 64 GB of G.Skill 3600 DDR4 - 17-19-19-39
- New water pump (last getting old)

Board, CPU, RAM, works perfectly - nevertheless, only 2 M.2 showed up... Next session with the ASUS hotline - no this config does not work. Great.

So I used the 2 - M.2's on the Mainboard as a RAID 0 - works nice. (not hardware raid). The benchmark was ~3000 MB/s read/write.

After 6 months I got an error from time to time, on one M.2. Windows could always reactivate the raid, but this is always a bad sign. This time I ordered another card: "ADWITS Quad-M.2-NVMe-SSD-PCIe-16x-8x-Adapter" it should work with every Mainboard and could provide 6500MB/s. I also ordered 4x New Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB. I had to order them from different resellers. Btw. it was a good time to upgrade my 1080ti to a new 2080ti.

Good news: The card works - bad news: not all 4 M.2 have the same size. 2 have 1862,89 GB, 2 have 1863 GB. That's why Windows is unable to bind them in a RAID 5 (or RAID with parity as Windows is calling this). But a RAID 0 works fine and I got 5550 MB/s read-write speed on this huge 7,5TB formatted "disk"... Not bad. VM and Delphi is working fine.

I chose  XMP II for the RAM and enabled the CPU clock-AI. It tuned down the clock a little bit - I have no idea why because it runs stable @ 5 GHz all cores in all my Tests. Since my system is running 24/7 @ 42° C or less - I'm fine with 4,8 GHz.

So far so good - Camtasia is now using the GPU for rendering. So let's do some tutorial videos on the FDK and the new D.MVVM framework.

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