Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Neural Network

Neural Network or Neuronal Network... Whatever...

For many years I want to test this kind of programming... But never had time for this.

You can find many videos on YouTube, but "all" are full of math or full of the wrong programming language. ( or both )

You can find some source files, but what is the minimum of LOC's you need?

For now: Less the 300 LOC in Delphi for a working network.

At the moment I have many ideas about what I can do with this... But perhaps first dig into the next step:

Genetic algorithm.

I will include this in the FDK, if ready...

Best video I found: (C#)
This, I take to just live to code this - with many modifications - in Delphi - a little bit of debugging and it works. ( not much longer than it takes to look the video)