Saturday, June 13, 2020

CodeRage 2020 - Quickinfo...

Oh boy... Why has it been always so hard to do the easy stuff?

My Idea was - just make to sessions, do some advertising on a sublevel and I'm done...

But for session one, I had to explain so many things and create "some" screen-shots. 
Normally a 45 min. video takes ~12h to create. Sometimes a little more, if I have to develop the examples first.

I'm getting faster on "the creating video task", but this time...

The first 10 minutes cost me 4 days. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong.

And session 2?

My estimates where "double the time" from session one... I did not even start the creation. 

It's time to speed up.

I'm also getting faster for the "two audio tracks" thing. Synchronizing the English and German audio is not a big deal anymore. (OK, it still cost 2,5x the time comparing to a single audio track, but faster than doing the disturbing subtitles)

I hope you will like the two sessions and the work was not in vain or different than you expected from the title.

So don't miss it on the 2nd of July! (English versions of my videos are online while streaming the German Versions).

PS.: Of course if you're are a user of my FDK - all the stuff that is shown in the video doesn't need to interest you, because many more sophisticated routines are included in my framework. Perhaps take a look anyway, perhaps just for fun.