Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Apocalypse Coding Group.

I called it weekly roundtable, but Craig hat this nice idea...

So last weekend I woke up and saw, I've been invited to a new skype group called "Apocalypse Coding Group" and there were already more than 99 messages waiting. (I'm 8h behind the US or as we call it UTC+1). 

Members of the group are:

- Craig Chapman
- Glenn Dufke
- Ian Barker
- Jim McKeeth
- Frank Lauter

To keep all the #Stay@Home Developers happy and entertained, Craig would like to build a simple web application cardgame. With a nice TMS-Webcore frontend.

So with this idea in mind, he started a YouTube stream.

If you have 4h (or 8:45h for both parts) spare time and want to see 5 "pro" developers make a fool of themselves: Here is the link for Part I (4:12h) and Part II (4:26h). (so far)

Of course, if any of us had done this project alone and not streamed, everybody could have a finished, working project online, but that is not the point. The idea is to get the people entertained with this kind of interactive show.

With only a few people found the live stream - the announcement was a little bit too short - we are happy to see, that the replay is watched from all over the world. 

To answers some questions:

- The source is also online to the public at GitHub.
- We are doing this not for sale or money, just for your joy.
- There is no Patreon page.

Don't miss the next session - next weekend. We hope that more developers find the time to join the live session so it could be more interactive. 

btw.: The next D.MVVM video is nearly ready and will be uploaded to my channel shortly.

My plan was to upload a new session of my FDK and D.MVVM series every week, but I had some trouble to stay focused on my work in these days.

However, coffee is always gladly accepted, if you like our/my stuff...So stay tuned for upcoming new videos and live streams on Craigs and my channel, please subscribe and don't forget to hit the bell icon to get the notifications.

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