Thursday, April 23, 2020

Live event : The Apocalypse Coding Group.

Don't miss Part 7 & 8 of the Apocalypse Coding Group on 25. & 26.04. 14:00 UTC.

Andrea Magni
Craig Chapman
Glenn Dufke
Ian Barker
Jim McKeeth
an me...

Where MVP's are trying to convince the viewers that they are worthy of this title, although it did not look like this in the Live-Stream 1-6 with 4 hours each.
It's fun and you can annoy us in the live chat!

Part-7 :
Part-8 :

The Live-Stream is on Craig Chapman channel! Please don't forget to subscribe to his and my channel so you don't miss the upcoming events, we are currently planning together!

Legacy Applications

OK - here is the problem:

Old Application started with TP 3, grown to many Mio. LOC.
Full of Moves, Records, and other stuff that is not ready to move from pre Unicode to Unicode.

That means no real RTTI, Generics, FireDac, native HTTP, ITask, and other stuff you love if you are using 10.x. 

With a look at the roadmap ;-) the new records would help, but anyway it's a huge task to get it running with XE.

The first idea was to use a DLL - of course -  this works, but not really, because of no real working share mem and an FMX-DLL has also problems. 

So you have to serialize everything over to and back from the DLL. If you have to serialize everything you could do this also over TCP. 

The multi-user network sharing is working but should have some improvements.

A local Database would also be a good idea and take out the old Enz-ISAM that I've ported to windows a long time ago.

Installing a real DB-Server is not possible. Any options?

I could install a Service on each workstation in the network.

What can a Service do for you?
First of all - no problems with admin rights anymore. Installation of anything else is a piece of cake.
The Service Apps of each workstation could talk over a TCP connection to each other. So without a dedicated Server, the Service-Apps could name one as "The Server" if the workstation is going to do a shutdown, another workstation could be named as "The Server" from now on.
Every running App could ask the local server on - "Hey give me the IP of the Server". No need for configs. instead of 4GB the Server could use all the memory and load DLL for different tasks. 

And the client-side?
The client can use a simple interface for the Service, like OpenDB, LockTable, WriteData, UnlockTable, and CloseDB (CRUD with locking) - Every command must (again) be serialized over TCP. The Server could maintain the locking for each table. Vola - a dedicated SQLite Server, or any other DB. (And of course many more).
Internet-Updates, DBCache, and any other service that is much easier to write in XE than in D2007.

This is the Idea...

Do you want to see me struggling to implement this? Perhaps on a live Youtube-Session?
Or are your more into FMX and MVVM?

Anyway - please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and leave a comment on what you want to see next?

Have a nice separation...

Friday, April 17, 2020

Apocalypse Coding Group Part V


After the little Easter break, we will continue on the weekend (18.04 & 19.04) with our live-coding project of a simple card game. (14:00 UTC)

We are happy that MVP Andrea Magni will be part of the project this time and will surely be able to help us with his experience with his MARS server.

The live event will be hosted by Chapman World again. The whole thing is of course interactive - so if you have any questions, feel free to ask them via the chat.


PS.: Thanks to all subscribers of my Youtube channel. I would like to remind you again that I need feedback on what topics you want to see in the live coding.

Monday, April 13, 2020

CodeRage 2020

Hello, my friends!

The german CodeRage2020 is in preparation. Of Course, I want to be part of it. This time it looks like my session has something to do with threads and queues, how to speed up your application.
This topic was the chosen one from three of my Ideas. The other where:

Easy Database: How to create and work with a database without clicking components on a form


3D in 14 days: Ho to create a 3D engine for simple tasks.

I would like to create the same session also with English audio - so here is my question:

What would be your favorite topic besides my normal sessions on YouTube?

My session is live at 02 Juli 2020 in german on the EMBT Channel and in English on my channel!

Please leave a comment.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Blog Posts in deutscher Sprache.

Ich wurde von Embarcadero Deutschland gebeten auch mal Blogpost auf deutsch zu machen. Da ich normalerweise "hier" alles auf englisch schreibe...

Daher findet Ihr meine deutschen Blogposts ab sofort auf der Embarcadero Seite unter:

Auch nur für Euch deutschen Delphi Entwickler: Mein neustes Video auf meinem YouTube Kanal ist online ist.

Edit: LOL - Ich hatte den Titel geändert, aber der RSS-Feed war schneller...