Monday, February 24, 2020

Live Youtube, Chat, FDK & MVVM...

Since 2017 I have this topic on my todo list:

- Create Youtube Video's

After my FDK was ready for release, I wrote some kind of little documentation and some demos, but everything was a little too "short".

The other Idea was to convince people to buy my Framework. While the first customer was waiting for the version, I had to develop my fancy setup/update/shop installer. And also the local service-desktop-software to handle the versions, upload, download and payment. Too bad, at this time my MVVM-Framework (version 2 or 3) was not as good as my "final" version today.

So much to do, but no time for videos. Last time I uploaded a video to my channel is 6 years ago...

Now as my MVVM-Framework is working,  I'm able to refactor my Service-App. I also had to improve the invoice print. The first time I'm using the PDF stuff from my friends at Gnostice.

While talking to Craig Chapman he asks me why I don't do live streams... Never tried, beside one round table with Jim McKeeth. 

A live session only makes sense to me, if this is announced in advance. If nobody is watching  - especially on my channel with only 35 subscribers (at the moment) - this is no fun. Users must also be able to chat with me... My Chat-Software with WebSockets is not ready at the moment, so I installed a free Website-Chat-Script from on my homepage.

Perhaps I'll start with some normal tutorial videos for FMX my FDK and my new MVVM-Framework. Then pre-recorded tutorials with a Q&A session like the webinars.

In any case - please subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon for notifications. If I'll get enough subscribers, I'll try to do the "live-thing" and we could also have friends like Craig or Olaf joining it.

Wouldn't it be great to have a monthly round table?

Please leave a comment! 

PS.: I have a TeamSpeak-Server running for this kind of round table since 06.10.2011. Only used this once for Delphi-Talks...


  1. Hi!
    please could you tell us a little more about your MVVM-framework?

  2. Hi!
    Yes I can! I will start uploading tutorials about MVVM and my FDK to my Youtube channel, shortly.
    What information do you need, perhaps I can includes this in my next blog post or in a video.

  3. Hi again!
    Looking forward to the next videos, the first one is nice

    1. As always, I had an Idea and also Olaf forced me to do some refactoring. That's why the "next" video is a bit delayed. I will try to finish the refactoring this week and perhaps record the next video at the weekend or the next week.

  4. Hey, I just found and watched your MVVM teaser... When will we see a running non-trivial demo???
    BTW, Wich is the lowest Delphi version for your MVVM Framework?

    I'm very very interested on working one; was even planning to work on one, given that there aro none around
    But I will definitely prefer a commercial, working one

    Any chance to enter the beta (even prepurchasing it)?

    1. My main focus is always FMX so - the latest Version is always the best, but at the moment I did not use any special features. So XE6 I think. My tests will only run on 10.x perhaps XE8. I plan to do a step by step video session. From trivial to complex.
      Please remind me or send me an eMail request. I will inform you on Beta release.