Thursday, March 12, 2020

ProjectH - Your solution for Project Management.

8 Weeks ago I did a survey about project management software. // Still open

The answers were as expected. "Nothing on the market works for me" was the common answer.

I've googled, I've tested some of "them" and this is my result:

a.) it is too simple and didn't fulfill my needs
b.) it is to complex and overkill for a single person or a small team
c.) perhaps it fits, but it has a monthly fee that is too high - I'm looking for a one-time purchase.
d.) it's only a website

And of course a combination of a-d most of the systems are b,c, and d. Perhaps some big companies would pay the "Enterprise" Solution for $1500 US/month, but that is not my goal.

Should it be open source or paid source... The survey ration was 50/50. 80% are not using any tool at the moment. There are 6 developers at the moment with interest in helping me build this kind of software. But 50% only wants to help if it is an open-source project.

Perhaps an idea would be to try to finance the development over Kickstarter or an equal portal, but I never tried this and I have no clue if it will work. It would be perfect if we had some kind of software, that is able to calculate the costs of development or can show how long it will take to develop this kind of software. ;-)

Let's forget about the costs or the time it will take. I think I could do my development much better with an App that can give me a good selection of items based on some rules. hmm... Here are some examples.

  • I have just one hour until the next skype-meeting. "Hey H, give me a small topic that could be completed in less than one hour"
  • I want to develop a topic today that is needed for more than one project and/or more than one project depending on this (like a PayPal interface). "Hey H, give me the most needed topic for all of my projects"
  • I'm not creative today. The best thing to do is not programming. "Hey H, give me a topic without programming" - "You could write some documentation for the MVVM Framework" - oh crap, I hate writing docs... But whatever.
  • I could get a new assignment developing an app. By predicting the time I get a sum of 240 Points. "Hey H, give me a release date if I add 240 points to my workload while suspending private projects". "You are able to start the new project in 3 weeks and it will be ready in 8 months, not harming any other work-related projects"

I know I'm dreaming... But at the moment EVERYTHING is a guessing game and I'm sure I could work better with some kind of project management tool.

So, I've got a few things I would like to see in this app. It has to be standalone Windows/Mac/Linux Version able to use a REST-Service for data storage and data exchange. A mobile app would also be useful. Perhaps some kind of time-tracking device, like this cube thing you can rotate on your desk. Or just use your phone with the app and some buttons. (Working, on the phone, taking a break)
There have to be points associated with items. Of course some graphs like Gantt or Waterfall. perhaps like in mind maps. Milestones or release/update prediction. An Interface to a bug tracker and perhaps some hooks to git or mercurial. 

I'm still collecting. What do you have in mind, please leave a comment.

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  1. :-) The problem is not, that there is no good project management software available, the problem is, that most people are not able to do project management. Using a tool needs knowledge of what you are doing. Then EXCEL does a good job as well as a piece of paper. Trello, Asana, Stackfield, use a bugtracker - what ever, but know the basics.