Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year!

 Hello, my friends!

I hope you are all healthy and have a safe job in these crazy times. The year is over, but I think we will still have a long time of "fun" with it.

For the new year, I have clear priorities. (Besides my main job of course)

1. I want to get my #D.MVVM framework up and running as soon as possible and then release it as the first alpha version.

2. The new version 2.0 of the FDK lay, unfortunately - not at least because of these crazy times - a little bit untouched on disk. Of course, I made some bug fixes and added new features. Not everything I wanted to implement is ready yet, but the #D.MVVM framework has priority because it is the base for all new and old projects. Because such a framework as my FDK, actually has no clear version jumps, but rather a continuous improvement, there is no reason to wait. So if you are interested in my FDK, you could order the current version. Updates will still come.

3. Youtube. I hardly found the time to create a new YouTube video in the fourth quarter of 2020. In addition, unfortunately, the Vol.03 of the D.MVVM series (45. Min.) is destroyed. (Sure I have a backup, unfortunately, the file directory structure of Camtasia is completely stupid and does not collect the necessary clips in one place (or at least there is no function for this), but can use links across all disks and network drives. Unfortunately, there is no warning when saving and so you can easily overlook that large parts of the clips that you dragged into the project are outside the file structure or in temp directories. Actually, you should create a zip and reload it every time you save - this is also the workaround that Camtasia gives).

Actually, I would like to do a live project with the Apocalypse Coding Group again, but we can't agree on a project at the moment.

This brings me to the topic: Comments!

Your comments on Youtube videos or also on my blog post would be very helpful to adapt the topics to your wishes. Of course, I am happy about every subscriber and every reader of my blog, but your comment and a suggestion would be helpful!

So get to the keys... I wish you all a successful new year. May the virus not be with you.

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