Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Submitting new Apps to the stores!

I do not often need to update my main App in the App Store or Play Store.

But every time I have too, it's a pain in the a**.

Don't get me wrong, upload a new version of my App to google, is done in 2 minutes and the App is nearly instant online.

My daily driver is an iPhone and I also have some iPad's, but the store with all the provisioning, certificates is a pain.

But even if you've managed to get all your certificates right, there is nearly every time a new key or entry for the *.info.plist. Most of these are well handled by the IDE. 

Then you upload your binary, well and nearly every time, because of all the changes by Apple, you get a weird error. After spending hours of googling, perhaps you find out the reason.

This time it was the multitasking orientations for the iPad.

All the keys like UISupportedInterfaceOrientations~ipad with:
  • UIInterfaceOrientationPortrait 
  • UIInterfaceOrientationLandscapeLeft
  • UIInterfaceOrientationLandscapeRight

The error was missing the keys form above found key from above.


fixed the problem.

Then I saw that I've not included the 1024x1024 px icon - (because this is new).
After selecting the right icon - you have to increase the version number.

Submit and wait for the review. 

My App is in the Store since 2013 - this time they want to have a video from a physical device, showing the use of the location sensor. (Ok, this was an old  function that is no longer in use, so I disabled it)

And I've tested my App against iOS 14, to be sure that everything is still working...

App rejected because I mentioned iOS 14 in the what's new part.

So again a new Upload and a new version number! I really like my iPhone, but from the point of a developer - Android is so much easier to handle.

The new version is waiting for the review, we will see...

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