Friday, July 24, 2020

My Fight for FMX!

If you know me or if you read my blog, you probably know, that I stand 100% behind FMX.
Well and I'm "into FMX" since XE2, but let's say with XE6 or better XE8 it was really useable for every kind of development, desktop, and mobile.

For many years I felt a little bit lonely in this field of development, but since XE10 the club of FMXer is growing faster and faster.

Finally one of the VCL Component developers is using the FMX road, too!

So please clap your hands and welcome DevExpress to the club.

Fun fact: The blogpost about the new DevExpress FMX Grid CTP is posted at/from the VCL Team with - still the VCL logo.

They also promise to include "every single VCL product" in their FMX offering... I think this is a term for: "We will provide an FMX Version of all our components".

So to all haters who haven't taken FMX seriously and/or my love for it for years, I would like to answer with a quote from the blogpost of DevExpress: 

"If everyone moves to FireMonkey, we’ll be sure to follow."

Have a nice weekend!

PS.: If you want to start with FMX, don't forget to buy my Firemonkey Development Kit.

1 comment:

  1. Frank, you're not alone.

    I have very similar experiences like your's.
    XE2 was my start in FMX (XE was too proof-of-concept),
    and from XE8 it was really easy to use.
    Both because its was getting more mature, and
    also I had changed my Delphi habits more to the "mobile way".

    Then from time to time it gets more stony, but that is usually not FMX's fault,
    but the everchanging platforms are really hard to catch.

    I also welcome DevExpress, and every helping hand to make the whole FMX ecosystem more stable and reliable.