Tuesday, October 15, 2019

FDK Version 2.0 Beta online!

Hello FDK fans!

Finally the new Version 2.0 is online. As always, you are able to order and download it with the setup application.

As we haven't done any updates is the last year, there will be a special offer:

If you're already an FDK-customer you can order an update of you Version 1.0 only for 29,95€. If you like to update to Version 2.0 (beta) there is a discount until 15.12.2019, so you get the update for only 199,- €. The normal price is 299,- € for the update.

If you are new to my FDK the prize for a new customer is 399,- €. If you like to order the FDK with an online lesson, just send me an EMail.


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