Saturday, February 9, 2019

The lovely Microsoft hotline...

A very good hotline is the most important part of a software company (if you really on customer satisfaction).

I update my Mainboard, CPU, RAM. Everything was ok...

After that I copied my VM from a single M.2 to a Raid-Stripe-Set of M.2's.

A suddenly: Office wants activation a Windows, too

First, try on the Microsoft Hotline. A very grumpy man: Your Windows Key is not Valid ( I've used this key since upgraded from Windows 8 ). You have to buy a new Key.  Have a nice day. Tuuuuuut. He just hangs up.

Second try: A not so grumpy man - more helpfully - No problem Sir, please gibe my the 8 Digits from these 8 groups. Two tries. and then the same answer: You have to buy a new Key. Have a good day. By By.

And now - Windows wants a new key and office, too

Amazon: New Windows Key for 1,48€ -  yes under 2€ - the hotline cost was higher!
Windows working.

eBay: New Office Key for 7,25€ - upgraded my office from 2016 to 2019... Nice, now everything is working.

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