Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Unittest with Testinsight.

TestInsight is a unit testing IDE Plugin for Delphi from Stefan Glienke - but I think you already knew that! @Stefan:Usefull Tool!

I've used Unit-Test (the GUI-Version) for a long time, because I like to have the GUI. The console-output is of course better if you are using a batch to compile and test your application.

For my Firemonkey Development Kit, I tried DUnitX the first time, but - to be honest - Oliver has done this step. The missing GUI was always my breakpoint. :-)

One of my rules is: If I start a new Application, I try to use at least one new technique or one of the 4-Letter-Things (CRUD,REST,JSON,MVVM).  But this list was empty (for the moment). So DUnitX came back in view...

I heard about TestInsight ist the past, but never gave it a try. For my knowledge it was "only" an other GUI for the Testframework - so no need to take a look.

But one feature <F2> is the best I've seen for many years to speed up development.

Testdriven development is - not so common, I've learned on many events, talking to other developers - but I like this kind of development, especially when implementing new businesslogics.

The Feature is - Run Test on save.

Take your Projekt, add a Testprojekt to the Group, mark it as TestInsight and go on with your development. If you are ready with the Interface - we all code against Interfaces - implement all tests you what to cover. Then back to your main Application. On every Save - all tests run in background.

E.g.: Array[Index] is higher then High(Array) the Test will find it after the next save... No breaks in the development flow. Go and write Array[Index-1] - save - Success...

Next Step - run DUnitX on Android and iOS.. Should work anyway - Not tested yet.

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